“Unveiled Echoes” by Jalen Law- History Brought to life through Augmented Reality


Community Folk Art Center Presents : “Unveiled Echoes” by Jalen A. Law

On view from January 22nd, 2024 – March 16th 2024

Unveiled Echoes” offers an immersive journey that transcends time, seamlessly blending history, culture, and art into a mesmerizing tapestry. This visionary exhibition harmonizes traditional art, digital innovation, and augmented reality (AR) to resurrect the forgotten narratives of Buffalo and the Erie Canal. Comprising 22 artworks in total, each piece is a meticulously reconstructed portrait providing social, cultural, and political context of this time period.

About The Artist 

Jalen has been an artist since the age of four. He’s always been interested in different forms of creation, including painting, drawing, and sculpting. In his sophomore year of college, he decided to create his own business around his artistic talent. Since, his path has expanded into many different directions, in particular with creating murals. His first mural was a City of Buffalo initiative to honor essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic — the piece was a 5’X10’ aluminum panel honoring doctors and nurses. Then, the Niagara Falls Heritage Center approached him about creating a portrait for their Niagara Falls Murals initiative, leading him to create his Calvin “Pop” Porter mural. Common themes in Jalen’s work include utilizing technology and digital arts, including audio and video stimulation, to allow all types of people to engage with his pieces. Currently, he is working on a research-based art program called the Emotional Intelligence Program to equip students with social and emotional tools that will assist them inside and outside of the classroom.