I, too, am America: A Song of Race and Language

Artist: Jamaal Barber

Artist: Ann “Sole Sister” Johnson

Artist: Kleaver Cruz/Black Joy Project

Artist: Spencer Stultz ’17

Jan 24, 2017 – Mar 25, 2017

I too Exhibit postcard

In Ralph Ellison’s speech “What Children are Like” he discusses subcultures in African American Communities and how they are reflected through language. In conjunction with the powerful words of Langston Hughes, we are inspired to explore the extent of freedom of speech and the American dream. We are reminding the community of he dangers exacerbated by language in the past and the hope that language can inspire for the future.

This exhibition will allow for direct communication through interactive sculpture; to catch a glimpse into other’s experiences with candid photography and subject statements; and it will invite the viewer to observe social benchmarks of our past with poignant collages and prints.