Frankétienne’s Syracuse Series

Artist: Frankétienne

Mar 20, 2019 – Mar 26, 2019


These paintings, even though two of them date back thirty years ago, express the same idea of the Haitian chaos linked to a chaos-world. Individuals are intertwined in a morbid/ immobile journey: a strange impossible exodus between nothingness and explosive lightThe spiral appears with a real and surreal double dimension in a tangle of paradoxes, a mixture of tragedy and utopia.” (Frankétienne)

 Frankétienne and his English translator, Dr. Asselin Charles, will present, then read in Haitian and English excerpts from the first novel published in Haitian Creole, Dézafi. Book signing by Frankétienne and Asselin Charles

A light lunch will be offered (RSVP by March 20, noon @ TUESDAY MARCH 26, NOON-2PM

Screening of Une étrange cathédrale dans la graisse des ténèbres by Charles Najman (2012, featuring Frankétienne)” < dans-la-graisse-des-tenebres>.
A conversation on the significance of the movie will follow with the audience, Frankétienne and his translator, Dr. Asselin Charles, Dr. Jean Jonassaint and Dr. Nicole Wallenbrock (Syracuse University). TUESDAY MARCH 26th, 02:30PM-04:15PM