Alexia Carr

Image of Alexia Carr Marketing Outreach Coordinator at The Community Folk Art Center at Syracuse University

Alexia Carr is an innovative marketing and supply chain professional with a passion for uplifting her community. Alexia Carr brings a wide array of insight to her position as the Marketing Outreach Coordinator at the Community Folk Art Center (CFAC) through her experiences at Temple University Fox School of Business and her work with the E-commerce company, In this role, she shares the stories of artists from all walks of life, enhances community connections, and helps to curate events that enable inclusion and belonging in the Central New York region.

Alexia has always been inclined to good-cause organizations and has worked with nonprofit organizations since her youth including Hospice of CNY, The U.S Dream Academy, Glorify Performing Arts, and the Chapman Foundation. As a Syracuse native, she is elated to know that she can share the dynamic programs and resources that CFAC offers with her community. Outside of work, Alexia enjoys writing, scrapbooking, and running. Her extraordinary commitment to a wide array of communication and outreach initiatives enables the historic preservation of CFAC’s lasting impact.